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Sap ching 298-03

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Sap ching 298-03

Preface In criminal law, law-breakers especially youth who are released on probation are being supervised by Probation Officers. Story If being bad is being evil, hell will have a full house! Tinky, Rainbow, Angie, Kane, Tung and Demon Queen are friends. They are line-steppers. Angie was put into a drug center for taking drugs. Kane and Tung are boys. They love Brother Sam. Tung hates being a boy. Friends of Kane raise money for his trans-gender operation by robbing friend’s homes. Tinky saw Brother Dragon give his wife a ring. Tinky stole it. Dragon offers a bounty to get it back. To her surprise, the ring Tinky has is a fake one. Rainbow had it traded for her drug business…

Views: 90
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Hung Wah Tony Leung, Siu-Hung Leung
Actors: Candy Lo, Ceci Fung Yan, Dominic Ho, Edward Chui, Erica Chui, Hanjin Tan, Jeana Ho, Kai Chi Liu, Lui Chan, Michelle Yim, Yat Kei Rainbow Fong

Release: 2013

IMDb: 4.5

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